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Mathematically minded senior developer for our Opus Suite development team

We are currently looking for a mathematically minded senior developer for our Opus Suite development team.

Systecon helps our clients keep their trains running, wind turbines spinning and fighter jets ready for action. To accomplish this, we provide complete control of what factors impact operations, and what factors drive costs. Simply put, we help companies and government agencies find the optimal balance between capacity and cost in multimillion decisions.

Systecon provides the industry leading software suite for Life Cycle Management and logistic support analysis. We are working with the whole development cycle from methodology and algorithms to implementation in organizations. The Opus Suite lies at the center of this offer which also includes consultancy, training and integration with existing processes and systems. Our team is working with clients on all continents in providing decision support for ensuring optimal logistic support solutions for complex technical systems such as aircraft, trains, land vehicles and ships.

Modelling, mathematics and simulation lies at the core of what we do at Systecon.  We use mathematical models to describe the intricate interactions between some of the most complex technical systems in the world, their operations and the complex web of maintenance and support that is needed to keep them operational.

We are now looking for a senior developer who is interested in mathematics and who has a thorough base in software development. Our math and simulation cores are written in C++, but we do not require that you have a thorough knowledge in C++. We think that general programming skills outmatch language knowledge. We will need to make many important decisions in the near future as our technology stack evolves, so we need forward-looking developers with experience in areas such as NoSQL databases, REST API, or distributed computing.

As a senior developer you will be part of team of responsible for design, implementation and documentation of new functionality in the Opus Suite, ranging from algorithm development to UX. You will have big possibilities to influence the direction of our development in technical as well as functionality aspects.

Systecon has adopted an agile, Kanban-oriented, process for our software development. We are continuously improving how we are working in order to meet increasing demands from our clients. Our field is undergoing a rapid transformation which gives us a lot of opportunities to expand our business but also provides a need for keeping up with the changes and continuously renew ourselves.

Application by August 20

For questions and application, go to Skills Recruitment or contact  Annika Frii at Skills Recruitment +46 70 33 55 290.

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