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Swedish Systecon analyzes the capacity of Light Rail depots

27 November 2012

The objective was to analyze the depot capacity needs on the Light Rail Tvärbanan for the coming 25 years, a period that includes plans for extension of the existing tram-line and purchase of more trams. The need for depot capacity has been analyzed and simulated with varying input values for maintenance times, number of faults on the trams, depots availability etc. in order to see how depot capacity affects availability of trams in traffic.

Simulation results will partly be used to verify that the depot, currently under construction in Ulvsunda, can handle the expected amount of maintenance, and to examine eventual effects of expansion of the Light Rail traffic on future depot capacity.
The work has been conducted in project form under Systecon´s lead with support from SL competencies for depot construction, rail-vehicles and strategic development represented. Processing and analysis of data has been done in the simulation tool SIMLOX ®, specifically designed to analyze complex technical system's performance over time.

Torbjörn Englund, project leader for Ulvsunda depot within SL, comments:

Systecon has been a great help for SL in the challenge to analyze the need for depots of the Light Rail Tvärbanan for future traffic. Thanks to these analyses, we have a good picture of the coming demand on the depots, and we have identified the parameters having the greatest impact on future traffic availability. The analyses also serve as a great aid for the project organization during future discussions with the operator.

For further information please contact:

Pegvak Assadi, Head of Business Area Transportation and Industry, pegvak.assadi@systecon.se  +46 8 459 0774