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Swedish Systecon analyses Life Cycle Costs for different tracks of the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90)

04 December 2012

The manufacturer of the CV90, BAE Systems, was requested by the six user-countries to carry out a project that analyzes the economic impact of equipping the CV90 with tracks made of rubber in comparison to traditional steel tracks. Fitting combat vehicles in this weight class with rubber tracks significantly reduces vibration and noise both inside and outside of the vehicle, however it places different demands on maintenance, operation and support services.

Systecon was consulted by BAE Systems to participate in the project that compares the life cycle costs of the two different track options. A cost structure was built where all costs related to the two track options were included and summarized for the entire life cycle of the vehicle. Replacing the steel tracks with rubber tracks means an additional cost, but also long-term savings in terms of reduced failure rate on the vehicle’s components, thanks to the reduction of vibrations. A major challenge in the analysis is to quantify the indirect parameters, such as negative impact on the crew due to the vehicle’s vibrations.

The work is conducted in a project with experts from BAE Systems. Processing and analysis of data is done in Systecon´s own optimization tool OPUS10 ®, simulation tool SIMLOX ® and the results will be analyzed in the cost analysis program CATLOC ®.

Peder Sjölund, Project Manager at BAE Systems, comments:

This study is important for us to be able to show the pros and cons of our rubber track technology in comparison to traditional steel track technology. The intention is that this analysis will serve as a good basis for decisions for our customers in discussions about purchase of rubber tracks. It is very exciting to be working together with Systecon and using their expertise to perform a thorough analysis of direct and indirect costs from a life cycle perspective. Above all, it is interesting to use Systecon’s tools to analyze the different solutions in different operating scenarios to understand how the different band options affect our customers over a long period.

For further information please contact:

Olle Bååthe, Head of Business area Defence, olle.baathe@systecon.se ,+46 (0) 8 459 07 76
Robert Hell, Managing Director, robert.hell@systecon.se  +46 31-350 07 51