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Tomas Eriksson new CEO at Systecon

June 06 2017
After almost 11 years as CEO of Systecon, the time has come for Robert Hell to pass the baton to Systecon's long-standing employee Tomas Eriksson, who will take over as Systecon's new CEO during the summer holidays. Robert will remain in the Systecon network, both as a partner and consultant.

Tomas has been with Systecon since 2002 and has been Head of Product Development for the last few years. He has the right qualities to successfully advance Systecon’s traditions and business concept. It is therefore natural, at this stage, for Robert to hand over the responsibities to Tomas.

During Robert’s 11 years as CEO, Systecon has developed into a larger, more professional and established company. Systecon has expanded its global presence and has strengthened its brand under Robert’s leadership.

Today, Systecon has established a consultancy business outside the defence market with a focus on the railway industry, and our methods of procuring vehicles based on Life Cycle Costs is becoming a standard in the Nordic region. Our product business has grown sharply, and Opus Suite is currently used in 25 countries throughout the world and we are represented in 12 of these countries. Systecon's position in the market has been strengthened, not least through the establishment of Systecon North America and Systecon Korea in addition to Systecon UK, which has existed since 2001. Currently we have about 50 employees, most of whom have been hired in the last 10 years. Systecon is simply a larger, more professional and more established company with a stable global business and a stronger brand than it was 10 years ago.

The interest in Life Cycle Management is increasing around the world. Systecon is well positioned to take the lead in this development. Opus Suite is today the preferred choice for modeling and simulation within its niche. Our employees are in great demand and our customers have a high level of confidence in them.