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News 2017

Predictive Analytics is gaining ground

It is perhaps not entirely unexpected that it's becoming more and more accepted that structured analysis yields better decisions. Many organizations have invested heavily in the creation of information systems to support and follow up their business. The trend in big data and the internet of things is driving further investments in sensors and different methods to automatically capture data about the business, its various systems and supply chains. More and more people also recognize the potential of being able to use all the data collected in order to develop and improve their operations. Systecons VD Robert Hell writes about how Predictive Analytics is gaining ground.

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Published 27 March 2017

Soon to be released: Opus Suite version 2017

With the new version of Opus Suite, which is due to be released in April, we aim to strengthen the predictive analytics and decision support capabilities in areas that are prioritized by our customers. More extensive simulation results enhance the ability to perform consequence and risk analyses, which gives a strategic edge when, for example, defining support agreements.


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Published 20 March 2017

Better decisions with the right model

Today it is critical, as it has always been, for companies and authorities to reach the right decisions. Decisions must be made quickly on increasingly complex issues. This complexity requires the decision-making process to be much broader than just choosing between different options. It requires that the entire organization's capabilities and knowledge has been gathered, focused and condensed. It is also essential that the right questions are being asked and that the best possible basis in data is uncovered. So that, finally, the right path can be chosen. Read Tomas Ericsson's article on the importance of commitment, shared goals and communication to make the right decisions.
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Published 20 March 2017

Public transportation - Simulation of future need for facilities for Swedish Västtrafik

Systecon has been assigned the task of simulating usage of the workshops and other facilities that Västtrafik has access to, based on the prediction of increased number of passengers and additional trains. The task includes, among other things, how the fleet will be operated, how workshop tracks are occupied, which resources within the workshops are used as well as cleaning of the interior and exterior of the trains, graffiti removal and de-icing.

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Published 19 March 2017

Systecon speaks at the 13th NATO LCM Conference in Brussels

Dr Patrik Alfredsson, Senior Partner at Systecon, is among the speakers at the 13th NATO LCM Conference in Brussels on January 24-25. His presentation “Walk the Talk – How to Build and Maintain a Capability for Proactive and Effective Life Cycle Management”, focuses on corner stones and success factors for cost effective life cycle management of technical systems, and the need for decision support in capability management.

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Published 24 January 2017